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Artificial intelligence helps intelligent elderly care

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Artificial intelligence technology can help home care in at least in the following aspects: First, to promote “smart health” with big data, For example, the elderly’s blood pressure and other data can be transmitted to the “cloud”, And also put its past medical records on the “cloud”, Doctors can provide health advice to the elderly through the Internet; Second, the production of “intelligent care” and other service robots, Can assist the elderly to do some simple housework, Observe whether the old man has any abnormal situation, And equipped with a reminder function; Third, to produce more and more advanced wearables, For example, blood glucose meters that can realize real-time monitoring, electronic neurons, equipment that can help paralyzed elderly people drive wheelchairs and so on; Fourth, think more about the difficulties and needs of the elderly when designing a smart home, Improve the quality of life of the elderly with more detailed creativity.


As human life increases and the birth rate decreases, aging has become a worldwide problem. As a vulnerable group in the society, the elderly need relatively high survival attention due to their relatively weak independent ability, relative lack of power resources, and relatively marginalized social status.The United Nations stressed that enhancing the empowerment of older people in developing all aspects, including promoting their active participation in social, economic and political life, is a way to ensure inclusion and reduce inequality.

China is one of the countries with a high aging population in the world, with the largest number of elderly people and the fastest aging rate.Published by the World Bank in 2018. A report predicts that by 2027, the proportion of Chinese people aged 65 and above will rise from 7% to 14% in 2002, entering a deeply aging society.Rapid aging and demographic and social or structural changes could themselves exacerbate elderly inequality, thereby limiting economic growth and weakening social cohesion, becoming the most significant challenge for future sustainable development.As President Xi Jinping has stressed, “ To meet the diverse needs of a large number of elderly people and properly solve the social problems caused by the aging population concerns the overall development of the country and the well-being of the people. We need to make great efforts to deal with them.”

AI pension by changing the way of information communication, strengthen resource allocation integration, improve the efficiency of service management provides new problem solving, promote the health pension service quality and efficiency level, become the industry development direction and inevitable trend, also provides a more humanized, efficient pension way, meet the personalized needs of different elderly, make old life more healthy, happiness, warm and dignity.



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