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AI “on the road”, the road is blocked and long! AI intelligent transportation has deeply changed the way of travel

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With the development of society and the progress of urbanization level, urban transportation problems have become more and more prominent. “How to make transportation technology climb to a new level” has always become a hot spot at home and abroad, and the research on intelligent transportation tends to be obvious.

At present, the license plate recognition system is widely used at home and abroad. Its digital processing technology involves the head picture, transformed into digital signal, computer processing and other processes, which are reflected in A I technology.For example, when dealing with the head picture signal, the natural language processing used transforms the collected license plate information into the relevant digital signal to the computer.AI technology is the foundation of driverless technology, and driverless technology is also the basic guarantee of intelligent transportation; as the core of the two connection, the development of driverless technology depends on the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, and also affects the construction of intelligent transportation.


Transportation is an important means to connecting people, goods and services, and is an indispensable element of a city or community in its daily operation. We take various means of transportation such as car, bus and subway through different places in the city every day.The smooth operation of the traffic system directly affects the economic activities and production efficiency of the city, as well as affects people’s quality of life and quality of life.

However, with the continuous expansion of the city scale, the population further gathers, which has brought more and more burden and pressure on the urban infrastructure, especially the road traffic.And 68% of the population is expected to live in the next decade

In cities, the size of single cities will exceed 50-80 million people, and the intensified contradiction between limited road resources and increasing travel demand will hinder the sustainable development of cities.

President Xi Jinping said, “ If we have become more modern through big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to modernize urban governance, big cities can also become more ‘smarter’.From informatization to intelligence to wisdom, it is the only way to build a smart city.”Intelligent transportation provides effective solutions for sustainable urban development, especially the development based on AI technology driverless and car network, can greatly reduce car idle rate, more efficient use of road network, combined with sharing travel eliminate large parking lot, small charging pile replace gas station, release space for urban green, will upgrade” city park “to” city in the park “.



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