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Protera uses AI to build sustainable protein products

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According to foreign media Fintech, Protera, headquartered in Santiago, Chile, recently received $5.6 million in Series A financing, which was led by Sofinnova Partners and participated by SOSV. In addition, Joko Bobanovi, a partner of Sofinnova Partners, will join the board of directors of “Protera”. In 2015, “Protera” was co-founded by CEO Leonardolvarez and COO Francia Navarrete. It’s an artificial intelligence-driven startup,It aims to design and develop safe, sustainable and affordable protein food raw materials to provide a series of solutions to meet the challenges facing the world in terms of environment and consumer health.

It is known that one third of the food produced in the world every year is wasted. However, at present, the population is growing, and people’s demand for nutritious food is also increasing. In addition, current industrial-scale food production technologies have long-term negative impacts on the environment. As a result, Protera has developed a unique production process called Natural Intelligence.The production of economical and environmentally friendly ingredients enables food and ingredient manufacturers to produce environmentally sustainable products without affecting food quality. Natural Intelligence uses its proprietary deep learning algorithm MADI to quickly predict and identify high-value protein products and enzymes that exist in nature. By use MADI,Protera can discover and make new protein components faster than ever before.


The pollution of food production to the environment can not be underestimated. The process of food production is composed of many interrelated links. In this process, many food raw materials, such as starch, sugar, water and compounds, are consumed. At the same time, it will produce a large number of harmful substances and pollute the environment.The environmental pollution caused by food production mainly includes chemical substance pollution, biological pollution, water pollution and air pollution. According to the analysis and investigation of a food processing plant, it can be found that there are many pollutants in food production, such as suspended solids, nitrates, methylindole and so on, which will cause certain pollution to the environment.

In the process of food production, it is necessary to minimize environmental pollution on the basis of ensuring food quality and safety, that is, to achieve safe production and green production, which are the two most basic requirements for food production. In this case, through the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, natural ingredients are selected instead of artificial synthesis.It can effectively reduce the pollution burden on the environment in the process of chemical synthesis of ingredients, and contribute to the sustainable development of the food industry.



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