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Forest fire prevention enters a new era of artificial intelligence

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Enbo Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei have reached a strategic partnership, combining the technological advantages of both sides, and put forward a leading forest prevention plan for the outstanding problems of the forest fire prevention industry. The scheme proposes to deploy software-defined cameras on the end side, Atlas on the side, and Huawei Yunkunpeng cloud service, and to deploy pyrotechnic recognition AI at different levels.It realizes the original video analysis on the end side, the primary analysis of the old equipment on the side side, and the secondary analysis and review on the cloud side. Compared with the traditional thermal imaging scheme, the forest prevention scheme has the advantages that the alarm accuracy is improved by geometric multiples, the cruise period is shortened to 3-10 minutes, and the fire under the forest and the fire under the slope can be found in time. Day or night,The scheme is significantly better than the thermal imaging scheme in terms of cruise cycle, warning timeliness and recognition accuracy.

The forest defense scheme breaks the traditional “sensor-like” technology model, and uses computing power, algorithms, forest fire data combined with computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a forest fire recognition engine. The engine can identify smoke in the daytime and fire at night, which can detect undergrowth fire and underslope fire as early as possible, and is suitable for detecting early fire in forest areas.

In addition, the engine automatically discriminates and filters interference factors such as clouds, fog and water droplets, independently “understands” complex and changeable forestry monitoring scenes, automatically distinguishes the sky, mountains, villages, lakes, roads, etc., effectively identifies abnormal weather such as fog and rain, and has adaptability to complex field scenes. It directly improves the accuracy of fireworks recognition from the dimension of shielding interference.


The survival and development of human beings can not be separated from the oxygen and forest products provided by forests. Although China has vast territory and abundant resources, the total amount of forest resources is still insufficient, and the forest coverage rate is only 60% of the world average, ranking 130th in the world. The per capita forest area is only 0.13 hectares, less than 1/4 of the world average, ranking 134th in the world.

Fire is one of the most important threats to forest resources, which can turn forests into ashes in an instant and cause great damage to forest resources and ecology. Because forest fires have the characteristics of “fast speed, strong suddenness and great destructiveness”, fire prevention and disaster relief were extremely passive in the past, and a large number of firefighters had to be mobilized to fight each fire, which took a long time and was not effective.It is also very easy to cause casualties.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has brought a new solution for forest fire protection. The use of computing power, algorithms, forest fire data combined with computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms can identify the fire source at the first time, prevent forest fires from burning, and realize the transformation from human sea tactics to technical protection.In particular, the efficiency of protecting large areas of forest resources has been greatly improved.



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