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Agricultural AI identification pests —— “eye” agricultural technology service platform

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Huiyun Information deeply integrates artificial intelligence with agricultural production decision-making technology, let computers simulate the human brain neural network, and then think like human beings, understand and understand agriculture like agricultural experts, and finally let AI serve the agricultural field.The intelligent identification engine “Yun eye” independently developed by Hui Cloud Information can realize the automatic identification of crop diseases and insect pests, crop physiological state identification, rapid estimation of crop yield, pesticide query, feasibility detection of pesticide redistribution scheme, intelligent recommended drug use scheme and other scenarios.

When users find abnormal crops, they can shoot the leaves or fruits through their mobile phone to the eye, you can identify whether the crop suffers from diseases, pests and pests, and obtain control measures.When users need to judge the current physiological state of the crop, they can take pictures of the crop through their mobile phone and upload them to the eye, they can intelligently identify whether the crop physiological state is healthy or not, and provide personalized production management plans for plot specific crops.Through mobile phone or drone shooting, Yun can quickly identify the number of fruit, and some categories can be classified according to fruit maturity.Say goodbye to the artificial fruit count, save a lot of time and manpower, a more accurate grasp of the orchard yield.


Agriculture is both the oldest industry of human beings and the foundation of human civilization. After the industrial Revolution, the production of grain was increased greatly due to the applicationof machinery in the agricultural field.However, high production costs, shortage of land resources, agricultural ecological environment damage, crop diseases and insect pests and other problems are still the bottlenecks restricting agricultural development.According to the FAO, the global population will exceed 9 billion by 2050 and demand for food will increase by 20%.How to increase agricultural output in limited arable land, while maintaining sustainable development is the main problem facing agriculture.

The fundamental way out to solve the above problems is to empower agricultural production with science and technology.Artificial intelligence serves the agricultural field, helps farmers to plant crops more scientifically and conduct more reasonable farmland management, and effectively improve crop yield and agricultural production efficiency.We will promote the transformation of agricultural production into mechanization, automation and standardization, accelerate agricultural modernization, and promote sustainable agricultural development.



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