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Detection and prevention of AI

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In addition to targeting close contacts and suspected infected people, the resumption of work in big cities is also a contagious hazard.In the “isolation” process of the virus, the advantage of artificial intelligence is played incisively and vividly.The first is to measure the temperature, although at present, supermarkets, companies and other places are equipped with remote sensing thermometer, but for large public places, in a short period of time with ear temperature gun / frontal temperature detector for traffic personnel measurement pressure, thermal imaging equipment as non-contact temperature measurement tool, can cover a larger area, improve traffic speed, reduce group gathering time.However, thermal imaging camera sensors generally have low resolution and take few available pixels at long distance, such as pedestrians wearing masks, glasses and wearing bangs blocking their forehead or hats, which will also bring certain degrees of interference to temperature measurement, which brings certain challenges to the current epidemic prevention work.

To this end, the regional traffic module of SenseTime A I intelligent epidemic prevention solution has innovatively applied A I technology to thermal imaging measurement.The soft and soft solution composed of SenseTime Xingyun series intelligent temperature measurement screening terminal, thermal imaging camera, black body and intelligent temperature measurement screening system makes the development of epidemic prevention work more efficient and more accurate!SenseTime A I algorithm integrates infrared imaging and visible light imaging technology, based on its high-precision human temperature smoothing model, can effectively reduce the temperature drift of thermal imaging cameras, realize the accuracy of pedestrian frontal temperature measurement within 0.3 ℃ , and further reduce the dependence of temperature measurement system on black body, so as to ensure the reliability of the application effect in some scenarios that cannot be used, and meet the standards for preliminary screening of epidemic prevention and control.When a suspected body temperature of more than 37.3℃ is detected, the system will capture and make sound and pop-up reminders in time to facilitate secondary verification.


AI and thermal imaging technology, realize the rapid, large area of “contactless” temperature screening, compared with the traditional temperature measurement, greatly improve the epidemic prevention efficiency, timely discovery and control the abnormal situation, reduce the risk of cross infection, in the prevention and control of the epidemic has played a major role.The use of this system is also in line with the A I benefit principle advocated by SenseTime and the Human Health and Wellbeing goal (SDG3) advocated by the United Nations, using technical means to effectively prevent epidemic prevention and enhance the country’s ability to control health risks.



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