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AI big data analyzes the trend of the epidemic

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Researchers from Hefu A I Technology Organization have developed an online COVID-19 prevention and control A I program, to provide necessary reference for the people to deal with the epidemic, strengthen protection, and promote the benign dissemination of information.

He Fu built A I supervision platform “national COVID-19 trend prediction” function based on the national health commission released the real release data, through big data machine learning, virus transmission dynamics, nonlinear numerical approach, time series analysis, combined with the 2003 national SARS outbreak development trend model, at the same time refer to the classic model of infectious disease transmission SIR and SEIR, optimized the epidemic development prediction model.

The source of big data analysis of the Holford A I Supercomputer Center is based on the real release data released by the National Health Commission, based on the ratio of cases detected in overseas travel and overseas evacuation, and tracing the initial infections with high confidence through the statistical model. Moreover, the S E I R model and numerical fitting of epidemic diseases are used to analyze the future trend of the epidemic.Meanwhile, we combine data statistics and parameter search.Finally, machine learning uses integrated learning ideas to provide confirmed case prediction.


This case well reflects the principle of A I benefit to the people advocated by SenseTime. The original intention of A I application should be inclusive, taking meeting people’s yearning for a better life as the landing point of scientific and technological innovation.Health is the premise and foundation for people to achieve a better life. During the epidemic, super transmissionists development of the epidemic to malignant transmission.This case is also in line with the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3), eliminating the elimination of harm to human health caused by infectious diseases and promoting the health and well-being of all age groups.

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