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Facebook self-residue detection function

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In November 2017, Faceboo k launched the active detection feature, which scans posts to detect patterns that may indicate whether the user is considering self-harm.

When it detects a suicide mindset, a program driven by A I sends mental health resources to the person, sometimes to his friend.F a c eboo k supports the A I program through human resources, such as trained hosts, partnerships with local mental health organizations, and relationships where appropriate with local first responders.For example, in a video shared in the Facebook newsroom, upstate New York Sheriff Joseph A· Giras explained how his department received a call about a young woman who threatened to hurt herself.Thanks to Facebook’s AI-driven testing program, local police were able to be notified and able to locate the woman via their mobile phone ping.They were then able to take her to the hospital, thus saving her life.


WHO estimates that the global suicide deaths far exceed the total deaths of war and murders in the same year.The highest suicide rate occurred over the age of 70, with suicide being the second cause of death in 15 ~ people 29 years of age.Statistics show that the number of suicide deaths in China is about 13 0,000, the suicide rate in rural areas is significantly higher than that in cities, and the suicide rate of the elderly increases significantly.Mental illness is closely related to suicidal behavior, with 40% of suicide deaths experiencing depression during suicide and patients with affective disorders at 10 times higher risk of 4 ~ than other psychiatric disorders.

Suicide is a public health problem that cannot be ignored, ensuring public physical and mental health and reducing suicide mortality are related to human health and well-being.If the detailed process and medical history of suicide behavior can be understood, that is, effective suicide prevention strategiescan be developed for vulnerable groups.In the current society, social network is often the main channel of people vent emotions and tell suffering, using A I technology on the Internet, “through” suicide thoughts, identify suicidal thoughts, and its timely psychological treatment and intervention, can help ease the burden of suicide groups, is undoubtedly an effective means to prevent suicide.



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