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SenseTime Technology escorted the primary and secondary schools in 100 districts, and the popularization of AI basic education does not “fail”

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Affected by the epidemic, how to ensure the normal development of teaching work under the premise of effective prevention and control of the epidemic has become the primary consideration.

The world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company soup technology for provinces and cities of teachers and students develop “A I basic education knowledge online learning” solution, including A I science video, S en s e S t ud y A I experimental platform, A I teacher training video and live, public class, the second international middle school students artificial intelligence exchange exhibition, online remote teaching products solutions and other products and services. The solution is provided free for primary and secondary schools in need, to ensure that after the official opening of the school, on the basis of no additional academic burden of students, the frontier knowledge of science AI, to further improve the cognitive level of teachers and students.


The COVID-19 epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to global education, and more than 1 billion students around the world are unable to study in school normally due to the epidemic.During this period, colleges and universities all over the country have tried to “suspend classes” through online teaching, and staged an unprecedented scale of online teaching practice.Through the experience and exploration of this epidemic, the deep integration of education and teaching with the Internet and A I technology has reached an unprecedented height.Through the rapid training and online teaching practice in the early stage, the teachers have also simultaneously improved their information literacy, laying a foundation for the popularization of long-term and large-scale online education.

Artificial intelligence and education practice to explore pratt & whitney every student, similar to business soup science A I distance teaching products, let the spread of knowledge no longer has a threshold, let the popularization of knowledge is not “off”, more let the children in remote areas can also enjoy the best education resources and courses, truly realize the fair right of high quality education resources.



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