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AI search technology enables college entrance examination volunteer filling

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Quark Search provides AI tools for the whole process of intelligent matching, AI admission prediction, simulation filling, professional personality test, college PK, and new college entrance examination selection.Among them, A I admission prediction introduces subdivided university and professional dimensions, greatly improving the guiding value of intelligent prediction and analysis. Simulated to fill in the +A I analysis suggestions, to give candidates more intuitive voluntary decision-making assistance.

Data show that a series of quark A I tools exclusively developed by themselves, with a strong professional and practical, let the overall use of the college entrance examination A I tools increased 8 times compared with last year, college query, professional query, evaluation, AI admission prediction, personality test and the most popular.

At the same time, the volunteer form management function launched by the Quk college entrance examination, universities, majors and cities, match the scores, interests, employment, actually generate more than 3 million candidates, equivalent to the 2020 National College Entrance Examination, every three candidates in the use of Quk college entrance examination AI volunteer filling service.


Voluntary filling of the college entrance examination may be related to the future positioning and development of students.In the face of nearly 3000 universities, more than 500 unknown professional direction, and professional career trend and development direction, for many families and candidates are a great information, and very complex life choice, professional, credible targeted guidance has always been scarce, only a few people can obtain.Using AI technology to fill in the college entrance examination gives everyone the opportunity to obtain high-quality and personalized analysis and suggestions, and achieve fair competition in the face of important choices in life.


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