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AI enables a new travel experience

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SenseTime hopes to enhance the quality of tourism through AR.AR can help us to restore the scene, achieve history reproduction, and enhance the tour experience.AR navigation, through the 3 D scene reconstruction, can be achieved, allowing visitors to interact with the virtual toy dragon, get the understanding of the 3 D scene, or load a variety of decorations and interactions.

SenseTime technology also developed AR digital person technology, can provide private customized tourism services, can lead tourists to understand tourist attractions, explain historical allusions, talk about the more interesting surrounding things, and interact with customers.It can identify and analyze people, understand our language, talk with people, and have physical interaction.Digital people can also conduct the analysis of customer groups, can provide intelligent services, to replace the daily tedious work.Customized digital image of scenic spots according to the needs of scenic spots and customers.


Tourism has played an increasingly prominent role in driving national economic and social development. It is an important industry for the country to stabilize economic growth, promote national consumption and adjust its industrial structure.During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, tourism contributed more than 80% of the added value, accommodation, civil aviation and auxiliary service industry, which is one of the most active industries in the modern service industry. However, the current Chinese cultural tourism development mode is mainly driven by resources, its development mainly relies on the historical and cultural resources “overdraft” development, investment is mainly concentrated on the scenic area infrastructure and public service system and other gross heavy asset investment, the lack of depth of historical humanities, excessive form (commercial), insufficient content (culture).In terms of demand, with the enrichment of people’s material life, the form of tourism has also changed from “sightseeing” to consumption with cultural experience.The relative lag on the supply side leads to the poor tourist experience, which is not conducive to the local cultural export and the sustainable development of tourism.

Through artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other technologies to give cultural tourism new functions and experience.The immersive experience scene built by A R, A I brings subversive interactive experience to tourists, let tourists truly feel the history and humanity in the superposition of virtual and reality, form a high additional commercial value with experience as the core, and promote the transformation of traditional tourism consumption mode to modern cultural tourism experience consumption mode.



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