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The first pilot study of industrial visual positioning AR technology of China Southern Power Grid

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The first pilot study of industrial visual positioning AR technology of China Southern Power Grid. China Southern Power Grid Super High Pressure Co. builds an intelligent converter station. Through AR technology, the duty member of the converter station will know the location and operation progress in real time through the first perspective of the site work of the inspection personnel.

In the later stage, the AR environment map of the converter station is constructed, related equipment operation and maintenance information, superimposed external environment information (such as fire, typhoon, etc.). The inspection personnel can realize remote guidance, training and emergency drill of field operation through AR glasses and voice and gesture recognition.Top AI technology enterprises in the United Nations spent 5 days to complete the dynamic information collection of two flow stations.Visual positioning identification accuracy reached 5 cm, the highest level in China.


The operation state of power equipment and the quality of power supply are crucial related.In order to ensure the stable supply of power and improve the use efficiency of power resources, it is very necessary to overhaul the state of power equipment.According to the statistics of the American Power Research Institute and the Construction Code Association, the implementation of state maintenance in the power grid system can improve the equipment utilization rate by 2%~10%, save the maintenance cost of 25%~30%, and extend the equipment service life by 10%~15%.As an important data source to judge the health of equipment, professional inspection plays a key role in the maintenance of power equipment.

Traditional manual inspection has problems such as large labor cost, low work efficiency, inadequate inspection, and forged inspection data or imperfect data statistics, leading to the failure to find equipment faults in time and affecting the stable supply of power.The application of AR technology in inspection work realizes automatic navigation of inspection route, equipment fault or risk warning alarm, and can view the equipment status data in real time, query historical data in time, help enterprises realize intelligent power inspection and effectively improve the quality of inspection, so as to avoid the inspection not in place or timely.



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