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Huawei helps in the operation of Tianjin Port 5G port business performance evaluation and monitoring system

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On August 10, Huawei officially released that the company has cooperated with Tianjin Mobile to successfully completed the commercial use of Tianjin Port Bridge and low delayed 5G network remote operation business, and realized the operation of the 5G port business performance evaluation and monitoring system for the first time in the industry, in order to promote the construction of “5G Smart Port” in Tianjin Port.

At present, tianjin mobile through Huawei 5G end-to-end solution, in tianjin port 5G network coverage, based on end-to-end 5G SA independent network and MEC sinking deployment, tianjin port remote bridge machine control not only replaced the traditional fiber transmission mode, but also delay to milliseconds, the driver can through remote control system and panoramic HD camera back real-time images in control indoor real-time control terminal container transfer operation.

On this basis, Huawei and Tianjin Mobile have introduced an online real-time evaluation and monitoring system for 5G port video and control business performance in Tianjin Port, changing the lack of system management in the past.Through business simulation and online long-term test data, it will facilitate simplifying the operation and maintenance process, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, and help the intelligent management of 5G ports.


Infrastructure construction is the base of economic development, represented by “iron based” “old infrastructure” supports the rapid development of China for forty years, achieved China’s economic miracle, compared with “old infrastructure”, with 5G, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies represented as “new infrastructure” will inject new momentum into the development of our real economy, support the next forty decades of economic development of strategic goals.

Take the 5G port in the case as an example, and the port, as the junction point of sea and land transport, plays an important linkage role in the regional economic development.At present, global ports are facing the problems of rising labor cost, large labor intensity, bad working environment and manpower shortage. As a new growth point of regional economy, automatic transformation can reduce cost and increase efficiency has become the common demand of global ports.5G as information infrastructure, it has low delay, large bandwidth, high reliable characteristics for wisdom port construction gives new kinetic energy, power port operation intelligent, logistics service electricity, enterprise management platform, improve port operation efficiency, promote the sustainable development of port business, thus drive the high quality growth of hinterland economy.


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