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IBM for AI-based learning

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For IBM to introduce AI technology into learning activities with impressive results. IBM uses AI to develop Y ou r Lea r n i ng,, which is a personalized digital learning market, with 98% of I B M employees averaging quarterly visits. IBM employees average 60 hours a year. IBM employees can browse the most popular learning resources of their colleagues, sign up for targeted learning channels, and study the skills and certifications needed to prepare to apply for the hottest positions in the company.Learning about chatbots can answer questions in 24 / 7 ways.As a result, on IBM’s AI-driven learning platform, enrollment and course completion rates rise, enabling companies to accelerate access to strategic skills.

IBM demonstrated a statistical association between employee learning volume and overall engagement.Business impact studies show a direct relationship between learning and performance; others show that the stronger employees want to learn, the better their overall performance.More importantly, the net recommendation for IBM learning content has been high. As skill half-lives get shorter, AI-based learning ensures IBM employees remain evergreen.


In the era of digital economy, talent is the first driving force for enterprise development. —— serves the development of the enterprise with talents, gathers talents with enterprise development, and finally realizes the benign interaction between enterprises and talents.Therefore, for enterprise managers, talent reserve is the first priority.In this regard, in addition to recruiting suitable talents, because the half-life of knowledge and skills is getting shorter and shorter, and the enterprise competition is increasing, in order to match the enterprise development speed and strategic goals, it is also necessary to create a staff learning and growth environment within the enterprise, to ensure that the staff skills remain evergreen.Traditionally, in order to cultivate employees’ skills, internal training courses in enterprises are often not targeted, and employee participation is relatively passive and not active. In addition, due to the lack of channels and learning objectives, the self-study efficiency of employees is generally low.

IBM, through AI technology, provides a personalized learning platform for employees, which can conduct targeted learning according to job needs, interests, and personal career development goals. This integration of A I technology can transform passive learning into active learning, make learning more sense of goal, and help employees to improve learning efficiency, second, through employee learning data statistics, the enterprise cognition of talent reserve more granular, help to efficient matching of positions and talent, let each employee can “teach according to their aptitude”, gain a sense of achievement, confidence and decent, form a benign atmosphere of talent and enterprise interaction, further consolidate the talent competition, to promote enterprise innovation and development.



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