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The FInSight AI Lab enables AI for financial scenarios

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Based on five core technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud platform and financial application, FInSight AI Laboratory is committed to helping financial institutions comprehensively improve their risk control and operational capabilities, and realize the rapid upgrading of operation and management level and efficiency.

Recently, the livelihood bank and pan titanium customer technology, pan titanium customer technology will provide professional consulting services, covering market, risk control, operation, I T plate, build a complete wisdom financial solutions, the future will gradually build high degree of specialization, and have continuous business support “characteristics of the people’s livelihood” automobile consumer financial system.

And in terms of “intelligent risk control”, pan titanium guest technology with the whole process perspective grasp the potential financial risks, on the basis of deep understanding of fraud business knowledge system, through artificial intelligence machine learning technology, enrich customer portrait dimension, establish risk control model, solve the traditional risk control mode online scene failure problem, improve the level of risk management, create a healthy and sustainable automobile consumer finance market environment.


The essence of finance is risk control, and the emphasis on risk control is the key to achieve inclusive finance.As the finance of all kinds of social groups, inclusive finance pays attention to the comprehensiveness and universality of financial services and emphasizes providing financial services to poor areas, ethnic minority areas, remote areas and poor people. It has become an important starting point for targeted poverty alleviation and a key issue to realizing the UN Goal for Sustainable Development SDG8.However, due to the particularity of inclusive financial services groups with high risks, solving the risk control problem of inclusive finance determines whether inclusive finance can be further developed.

Most of the risk control of traditional financial institutions is carried out by traditional labor, because of the high cost of KYC, the service objects mainly focus on institutions and natural persons with certain asset threshold and qualifications.Take banks as an example. At present, among its main service objects, 100% of large enterprises, 90% of medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises 20%, and 60-70% of farmers still borrow money through private finance.In a few years ago, some Internet financial institutions, mainly operate online, this business model gives fraudsters the opportunity to take advantage, so it faces the risk of fraud and multiple lending.

The essence of risk control is to solve the problem of information asymmetry, wisdom risk control combined with artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data core technology, it is for traditional institutions and Internet companies facing risk control pain points, using technology to reduce KYC information cost, combined with more multidimensional, more rich big data basis, will default, fraud and other financial risk control within a reasonable range, so as to provide pratt & whitney financial products for the public.



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